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What You Need To Know


Manchester end fill tank , found in 100 series Landcruiser


AS 1425 (Australian Standard) indicates that a periodic inspection or routine system check should be carried out at least annually, and at every safety certificate examination for the renewal of vehicle registration, or as otherwise specified by the Authority.

Manchester LPG cylinder with no brackets

The Standard Advise

Fuel container life. Check the container date stamp. If it will be more than 10 years before the next periodic inspection, initiate the procedure for inspection and re-stamping in accordance with AS 2337.2

A registered gas cylinder test station checks external and internal surface’s for corrosion, any sort of structural defects due to impact, excessive heat, inspects the sealing threads, surfaces, internal tubes and safety relief devices in the LP-Gas container.

The LPG container should be referred to a registered gas cylinder test station.

Automotive LPG installers may find that they are called upon to replace faulty container components. ( service valve, automatic fill limiter, or a multi-valve ) in customers vehicles  some years before the 10 yearly inspection is due.

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Registered Gas Cylinder Test Station Role

The registered gas cylinder test station inspects and assesses the cylinder to determine whether it should be condemned or stamped for another 10 years of use.

In addition to their inspection and assessment role, a registered gas cylinder test station can condemn a cylinder which does not meet the requirements of the Standard. An automotive LP-Gas installer can not condemn an LP-Gas fuel container even though it may appear to have damage or corrosion in excess of the limits described in the standard.

Faults Or Defects

All faults / defects must be assessed according to the limits specified. The minimum design thickness is used to establish the limit of a number of defects. Where this thickness is not available, e.g from the specifications, measurements of the actual thickness at an undamaged and non-corroded corresponding area may used instead.

When in doubt refer the LPG container to the registered gas cylinder test station.

Lpg warning sign. Highly Flammable
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Danger sign for liquid Petroleum gas
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