Saving Money and the Environment

Converting to LPG will generally deliver a cost saving of between 50 to 65 cents per litre.

Components of a Liquid Phase Injection System produced by Vialle

As a driver you will experience:

There is no noticeable difference between driving with gasoline or with Autogas.
There is minimal power loss which means the maximum velocity of your car is barely effected. There is  no extra maintenance required and  you can remain with your original schedule for servicing. With less particulates than fuel engine wear is noticeably reduced and there is no risk of back- fire damage, a point that cannot be completely excluded when using Vapour Injection systems. The system is not sensitive to fuel composition and ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity or altitude.

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Saving Money and the Environment.

One of the biggest advantages of LPG powered vehicles is the savings on fuel costs.  Autogas is the safe, inexpensive way to run your car.  Especially as the family budget seems to get more and more stretched!

Converting to LPG will generally deliver a cost saving of between 50 to 65 cents per litre.  This results in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of savings every year depending on your vehicle usage.

Running an engine on LPG may also reduce maintenance costs.  LPG is a cleaner burning fuel than petrol, so engine life is less affected.

How Do Liquid LPG Systems Work?

The system pumps LPG at high pressure from the LPG tank to the engine inlet manifold via a set of liquid LPG injectors. The injectors spray the liquid LPG into the intake manifold. An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) controls the various components of the liquid injection system, including the injectors.

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It’s a Fact

Environmental savings are also part of the equation.  Using Autogas creates appreciably less carbon dioxide (CO2) than unleaded petrol.  CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas causing long term climate change.  Overall tailpipe emissions can be up to 15% cleaner using LPG Autogas instead of petrol.

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